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Model Office at Evander – Improving How We Work

A lot of the work we do here at Evander involves insurance companies – in fact, we’re the preferred property services supplier to most of the top 20 insurance companies in the UK. We’ve cultivated our business relationships over time and have always tried to find ways to improve our service not only to these partnerships, but to the customers who need help too.

In 2014 we began a big overhaul of the way we work with our insurance partners, starting from the ground up, with the customer in mind. We knew that we could make big improvements, but we would have to completely change our processes in order to achieve them. We began implementing our new Model Office working system at the beginning of the year, rolling it out in stages to different groups around the business. Now that it’s in full swing, we’re able to see the fruits of our labour.


Previously, a claim would have to go through 6 different teams from initial contact to completion of the job. This included Central Response, Pricing and Ordering and the Engineer him/herself, among others. This system worked, but it left some opportunity for delays and error. Our new process sees just two teams dealing with any one job – the Client Hub and the Engineer.

Each of our insurance partners have (or will soon have) their own Hub within Evander Head Office, where a dedicated job handler will deal with the same job through to completion. This has allowed us to offer training and development for a huge number of staff and has reduced the time it takes for jobs to be completed, as well as lowering complaints and improving the amount of compliments we get from customers.

To find out more about how Model Office works and to see our teams in action, check out the short video above.