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Which garage doors are the most secure?


New garage doors from reputable manufacturers and suppliers will have a decent basic level of security as standard. However, if you have been broken into in the past, or your neighbourhood has been experiencing a rise in property crime lately, then the peace of mind that a higher-security door can bring is worth considering. Here we look at three manufacturers’ ranges that combine quality, functionality, design and security:

SWS Seceuroglide roller garage doors

Garador Guardian up-and-over garage doors

Hörmann sectional garage doors

SWS is British manufacturer that has been making roller garage doors since 1985. They have a dedicated research and development department creating some of the best roller garage door technology we have seen in the Europe. Manufactured from tough twin-walled aluminium slats with an insulating core that helps lower energy bills, the curtain is held in place with high performance webbing which gives extremely quiet operation and is unaffected by extremes of temperature. A strong extruded top slat and a unique auto-locking mechanism effectively resists attack by would-be intruders. The roller door designs are available in both regular and compact versions, so those with smaller garages can maximise space. A Seceuroglide Excel is also available which has wider 90mm guides and steel end plates.  This door is Secured by Design police approved.

For an up-and-over garage door with extra security features, Garador Guardian garage doors are designed, constructed and installed with robust security in mind. Originally part of Westland’s Engineers in 1948, Garador became the only manufacturer of up-and-over garage doors in the UK through the 1950s. Like SWS, they have a focus on continual investment in both production technology and product development, and over the last 10 years have invested over £14 million in production technology. Designed to prevent unforced entry with a secure locking cylinder and locking rods, the Garador range have been given the Secured by Design stamp of approval, and the strength, privacy and additional security features gives you the reassurance that your garage is as secure as they get.

Hörmann sectional garage doors are ideal for those who need to maximise the space directly on either side of the door, as it does not kick out from the opening. Versatile, this style works well for both single and double-sized garages, and with both manual or electronic opening.  With regards to security, when the garage door is closed, there is an anti-lift device that automatically engages in the operator boom, then locks immediately and is secured against forced opening. This door latching functions purely mechanically and continues to secure the door even when the power fails. The Hörmann Group is a family-run company headquartered in Germany, and has a 12,000sqm assembly plant in Leicestershire.

Timber or steel frames?

Garage door frames have traditionally been made from timber, and if yours has not been maintained properly since it was installed, you may find it needs replacing at the same time as your garage door, if not before. Timber frames are not commonly reused if they have been in place for a long time, not just because of potential wood rot but due to the fixing holes widening with reuse. This means that the door may not be as securely fitted to the frame as it should be.

Steel frames are now widely available and they don’t lose strength over time. They can be re-used but we don’t recommend that as the drilled holes for fittings may have worn and therefore may not be as tight and secure as a new frame. Steel frames are also practically maintenance-free, making them a very economical and environmentally friendly option. They are quick to install and will not warp over the lifetime of the door.

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