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Evander Granted Trustmark Status

We are proud to announce that Evander has been awarded the TrustMark stamp of approval through FENSA, the competent person scheme for glaziers. Our TrustMark certification has been awarded to us for the categories of Conservatory Erectors and Glaziers.

TrustMark is fully supported by the government, the building trade and consumer protection groups, so we are very pleased to be involved in a scheme which recognises the quality of our work within the industry.

Trustmark LogoThe scheme exists to protect homeowners, who are encouraged to check for the TrustMark logo when they have work done on their property. It’s an initiative which has been set up to highlight trustworthy, skilled tradespeople – putting the power in the customer’s hands. get backlinks . It’s no secret that rogue traders pose a real problem in many areas, so by doing business with a TrustMark accredited tradesperson or business, homeowners can have peace of mind.

In order to receive TrustMark certification, Evander has met (and will continue to meet) the following criteria:


The technical skills of our engineers have been (and will continue to be) independently checked via regular on-site inspections. Our trading record and financial status as a business has also been taken into consideration. By employing and training highly skilled and friendly engineers, we ensure that our customers get the best results possible for the repairs or improvements they want.


We have signed up to the TrustMark code of practice, which ensures our customer care, insurance policies and health & safety practices are all excellent. We understand that it takes a level of trust to let a tradesperson into your home, so by ensuring we are fully able to meet these standards, the customer can concentrate on more important things.


A TrustMark scheme operator will regularly monitor our trading practices, the quality of our work and how satisfied our customers are. This operator is approved by the TrustMark scheme and works independently. They have already checked Evander for quality in the above categories in order to award us the certificate, so you can be assured that we are already providing a stellar service.


We are able to offer customers both Insurance Backed Warranty and Deposit Protection Insurance in the unlikely event that we cease trading. This means that if something goes wrong, our customers are fully protected. This is an important aspect of the scheme, as many rogue traders can leave homeowners out of pocket or with work that is not up to scratch.


You don’t always need planning permission or special certification to carry out certain work on your home, but it may not always be clear when this is required. Our engineers are trained so that they can warn you of any possible restrictions before it’s too late. As the responsibility is ultimately that of the homeowner’s to check building regulations, this ensures that you will not be liable for remedial action.


We have a clear and user-friendly complaints procedure should a customer wish to raise any issues with us. Naturally, we always give our best and we are confident in our ability to provide you with great products and services. However, we understand that sometimes things can go wrong. You can be assured that, should you wish to raise a complaint with Evander, it will be treated with seriously and professionally.

Evander’s inclusion into the TrustMark scheme is a great way for us to showcase the high quality work we provide. We will continue to supply products and services which exceed British, International and industry standards with a view to continuing our positive association with TrustMark.