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Protect Your Home with Evander & Secured by Design

Evander have recently renewed their membership with Secured by Design (SBD), the flagship UK police initiative SBD-MasterLogowhich helps to ‘design out’ crime. This is done through the use of high-quality and innovative products which have been rigorously tested to ensure they can withstand certain levels of force and damage.

Evander’s Secured by Design products cover garage doors, most residential doors and aluminium window frames (please check with us at the time of ordering to ensure the particular product you want is covered by the scheme). With SBD products, security is the priority at every stage of the manufacturing process – from the initial design stages to finishing off the product. When security is built in like this, the product is more likely to be effective against criminal damage and means peace of mind for our customers.

Does it Make a Difference?

Many people think that if a burglar wants to access your home, then they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. In reality, burglars tend to be opportunist and will not take unnecessary risks – if their initial attempts to enter your home are thwarted, then it’s unlikely that they’ll carry on trying. A quick entry and exit is what they’re looking for, so making it as hard as possible for people to break into your home can make a very big difference.

On SBD developments in West Yorkshire, research showed that these homes were up to 75% less likely to experience crime. Similar was true of SBD refurbished homes in Glasgow, which were up to 63% less likely to experience crime. If you need convincing further, the Association of British Insurers predicted that, in one year alone, around 700,000 burglaries could be stopped if the right security devices were installed. This would result in an annual saving of £1.97billion!

Strength & Integrity

Where an SBD product has been put to the test in the ‘real world’, it’s been interesting to see just how secure they are. In one example put forward by Secured by Design, thieves in Peterborough tried to enter a home through a window. They used a screwdriver or crowbar to attempt to lever the window away from the frame at four different points, all of which held firm. They then tried to compromise the locking mechanism, but this was also too robust to be overcome.

Finally, the fact that the glass in the window was laminated prevented it from being smashed, so the break-in attempt was completely unsuccessful. The window frame sustained some minor damage which needed to be repaired, but other than that the house was uncompromised.

The SBD Membership

Evander are in good company when it comes to SBD-approved products: over 400 member companies produce and supply SBD products, meaning that crime is being increasingly ‘designed out’ across the UK. As the only form of police approval for products, we feel that being a member of SBD is important to ensure the safety of our customers and the quality of our products. Secured by Design products have been proven to reduce the risk and fear of crime, which we believe to be an extremely important benefit for our customers. For more information about Secured by Design, please visit