Here at Evander, we visit homes and businesses all over the country in order to make repairs, install home improvements, or survey for potential work and insurance purposes. We fit a huge variety of different windows, doors and security products, some of which are showcased here.

Our dedicated team of directly employed Evander surveyors and engineers are locally distributed across the length and breadth of the country, ready to help you achieve your property improvement goals. See what they’ve been up to below.

Double Sectional Garage Door with Sunrise Glazing in Golden Oak

This beautiful double garage door was installed to a property just south of Blackburn after damage was sustained. This is a like-for-like sectional garage door (LPU S Panelled) which is coloured in Golden Oak – one of our more popular wood effect shades. The sunrise glazing pattern allows light into the garage without making it too easy for opportunists to peer inside, making it ideal for security and the usability of your garage. Sectional doors have the option of being opened via a remote-controlled electric motor or manually. This particular door has a motor, hence why there is no handle attached. You can view our range of Sectional garage doors here.

S Panelled Woodgrain with S40 window design2


Laminated Roller Garage Door in Rosewood

This laminated roller garage door was installed to a property on the outskirts of Rotherham following storm damage to the original door. This roller door is coloured in ‘Rosewood’, which has a woodgrain effect. The door itself comes with an electric motor as standard, and as it’s constructed from twin-walled aluminium with an insulated core, it’s both strong and energy efficient. Roller doors are ideal for those who have little room in the head space of their garage, or who have ceiling fixings which can’t be moved. The door itself opens by moving directly upwards and rolling around itself, creating a compact and efficient solution for garages both big and small.

SWS 77mm Laminated Roller Door (No Box)

The Hörmann Ilkley – Before and After

As you can see in this first picture, this property in Kenilworth was in dire need of a replacement garage door. The old door and frame had both seen better days and the garage was no longer secure as a result. Not only this, but the poor appearance would have lowered the value of the property should the owners want to sell.

Garage Door Before

The owners wanted a replacement door and frame that would ensure their garage was kept dry and secure. They ended up choosing the Hörmann Ilkley, a popular door for those who want windows incorporated into the garage door itself. The classic design is reminiscent of the 40’s and 50’s and looks really smart in many different colour options. As you can see by the finished product, our team did a great job.

Hormann Ilkley After

Taking away your old garage door is included in the price quoted, no matter the condition it’s in. If you’d like to learn more about the Hörmann Ilkley, please click here.


Garador Horizon in ‘Brown’

This Garador Horizon steel garage door was installed just south of Leicester and has been beautifully finished in Brown. Many homes can benefit from steering away from the traditional white garage door, and although brown isn’t the most exciting colour in the world, you can see how it really gives this property a lift, helping it to look smart and well finished. The Garador Horizon is a popular budget door which is available in both Canopy and Tracked up and over opening mechanisms. It comes with a choice of 18 different colour options.

Garador Horizon Brown

If you’re interested in learning more about the Garador Horizon, please see the product page.


Wessex Canterbury in ‘Dark Oak’

This Wessex Canterbury was installed to a property near to Potters Bar, just north of London. It’s made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic – otherwise known as fiberglass). GRP is a strong and very versatile material that can be textured to look like woodgrain. The colour is present throughout the whole material, not just on the surface, making it resistant to dents and scratches. GRP won’t fade, warp or flake and is extremely thermally efficient. The Wessex Canterbury is available in Canopy or Tracked opening mechanisms.



You may have noticed that we do not currently stock GRP Wessex doors on our website, but we are able to source them and we plan to add a GRP range to the site very soon. We’re more than happy to look into door options that we don’t stock, and we can also accommodate bespoke colours and sizes. Please give us a call on 0345 146 7001 to discuss your requirements.

Hörmann Tudor in ‘Golden Oak’

This stunning double Hörmann Tudor garage door was fitted to a property just south of Canterbury by our team of engineers in that area. The Hörmann Tudor is a solid timber door which is wholly constructed from Red Cedar, with a ‘Golden Oak’ woodstain finish. We encourage our customers to choose from the many woodstain options available, as without this additional finish, we cannot uphold our guarantees on timber garage doors. Woodstain (as opposed to a varnish) lets the timber breathe whilst still weatherproofing the door, ensuring it stays in tip top condition for a long time to come.


For more information about the Hörmann Tudor, please click here. If you’d like to learn more about our guarantees, you can find more information in our Aftercare Guide.


Hörmann Horizontal in ‘Ruby Red’

This Hörmann Horizontal garage door was installed to a residential property in north London. It’s coloured in ‘Ruby Red’, a striking and bold crimson colour which can really help your property stand out. The colouring on our steel garage doors is applied in a way that it won’t fade or peel and all you need to do to maintain it is to give the door a wipe down with some warm soapy water every now and again.


For more information about the Hörmann Horizontal, including the different colours available, please visit the product page.

Hörmann Ilkley with Obscure Glass in ‘White’

This double Ilkley was installed by our engineers to a home just east of Reading and has a Canopy opening mechanism. With double garage doors, the springs and cables are adjusted so that the door can still be raised and lowered easily. It’s extremely important to do this from the centre of the door – not from the edges. This will cause the opening mechanism to become unbalanced. The length of double doors makes it tempting to open them in the incorrect way, so if you have a double garage door then please be aware of this.


 See more about the Hörmann Ilkley here.

SWS 77mm Painted Roller Door (Full Box) in ‘White’

Our team installed these bespoke-sized Roller garage doors to a property just south west of Leicester. Our Roller doors are manufactured by SWS, which is a UK-based Roller door specialist. They manufacture their garage doors in the UK from twin walled aluminium with an insulated core. This creates a thermally efficient space and is perfect if you need to regulate the temperature inside your garage to protect vehicles or to produce a more comfortable working environment. These garage doors have been installed with a full box, which means the roll doesn’t fit fully within the top of the garage when the door is open. The box wraps around the roll, protecting it from the elements from both the outside and the inside.

These Roller doors have been installed in ‘White’, but are also available in 12 other colours, including Heritage Green, Burgundy and Navy Blue.

SWS Roller Garage Door

SWS Roller Garage Door


If you’d like more information on Roller garage doors, then please see our dedicated guide. You can view our range of Roller doors here.


Hörmann Vertical Decograin in ‘Rosewood’

This garage door was installed not far from our head office in Norwich and is 2134mm x 1981mm in size. It’s a Hörmann Vertical Decograin, which is a galvanised steel door coated with a special woodgrain patterned film. This can give you the look of real timber without the need for regular wood staining. This particular door was purchased with a weatherseal upgrade, which keeps rain and debris from getting through the small gap at the bottom of the door.

Rosewood Hörmann Vertical Decograin

Like the look of this door? Click here to read more about the Hörmann Vertical Decograin.


Hörmann Georgian with ‘Cross’ Windows in ‘White’

This double garage door was installed to a property just on the outskirts of Southampton and is 4269mm x 2136mm in size. This door is manufactured by Hörmann and is their ‘Georgian with Windows’ design, which allows light into the garage whilst still maintaining a high level of security. This particular door was fitted with a remote controlled motor upgrade, which opens and closes the door at the touch of a button. This ensures the door is opened in a balanced way every time, giving more life to the springs and hinges.

Hörmann Georgian with Windows

Interested in the Hörmann Georgian with Windows? Click here to see more information.

Garador Georgian in ‘White’

This garage door was installed to a property on the outskirts of Derby. It’s a Garador Georgian design in white and measures 2134mm x 2136mm. This particular installation is fitted with the popular Canopy opening mechanism. The Garador Georgian is one of the doors featured in our Express Doors range. This means that we are able to fit this door within just 7 days of your order.

Garador Georgian


You can view more information about the Garador Georgian here

Hörmann Vertical in ‘Signal Blue’

This Hörmann Vertical garage door (2134mm x 2136mm in size) was installed to a property south west of Reading and was coloured with the vibrant and eye-catching ‘Signal Blue’. This door was installed with the customer’s existing frame and is a Canopy door which can be found in both our Best Seller and Express Door ranges. This means that this door style can be installed within just 7 days of your order when ordered in White. Other colours, like this one, may take a little longer to supply.

Hörmann Vertical

If you’d like to see the various other colour options available, visit the Hörmann Vertical profile here.

Garador Vertical Cedar in ‘Light Oak’

This Garador Vertical Cedar is a solid timber garage door which was installed to a property just south of Grimsby. This door is made from solid red cedar, which is a strong wood that doesn’t warp or split easily. This particular garage door is 2134mm x 1981mm in size and has a ‘Light Oak’ stain finish, which is one of the more natural-looking finishes available. Solid timber is a great insulator and will last a very long time if looked after properly. You can find more information about this in our Aftercare Guide.

Garador Vertical Cedar

To see the full range of customisable options for the Garador Vertical Cedar, please visit the door profile here.

Hörmann Ilkley in ‘Jet Black’

This Hörmann Ilkley garage door was installed at a property just north of Dudley. It’s 2134mm x 2134mm in size and has been finished in Jet Black with black window frames and bespoke obscure glazing. This door looks like a traditional Side-Hinged door but actually has a Canopy opening mechanism. This is a popular door design as it lends a traditional style to any property whilst avoiding an overly historical look.

Hörmann Ilkley

For more information about the Ilkley, check out the product page here.

If you’re having a garage door installed and you would prefer NOT to be featured on this page, then please state this when booking your appointment. Thank you.